Little kid trip excitability

Kids crack me up. How excited they get about things still months away, like Christmas, the promise of their first cel phone, driving, paying taxes and especially trips.

My 11-year-old daughter is no exception, especially when it comes to trips. She sat down at the dinner table the other night like a business woman ready to discuss our trip to Michigan … in late July! The two of us are traveling out to see my sister perform in the Michigan Shakespeare Festival. We are meeting up with my dad, and it’s just a daddy-daughter trip. Our first. (I’m excited, too!)

But it’s still months away, which is why I found it amusing when she said in her most serious tone, “So, I want to discuss Michigan.”

“OK. Let’s discuss,” I said.

“So, what airline are we flying?”


“Oh, great! The one that killed the giant bunny?!?”

“No, that was United. American hasn’t killed any giant bunnies recently. Maybe a snake. I don’t know.”

“So, what time do we need to leave for the airport?”

“Um, yeah. You’re not going to like this, but around 6 a.m.”

“Really? That’s great! So, we need to get up at 5. Can we make it 4?”

“Um, yeah. I don’t know about that.”

“So, you know I almost threw up on the way to New York one time.”

“You did! Where was I?”

“Right next to you.”

“I was! And you didn’t tell me!?! I can’t believe that. I could have changed seats or put on my parka! You gotta’ give some warning.”

“Yeah, sometimes I feel nauseous on the plane. But it turns out I just buckled the seat belt too tight and it squished all my internal organs. I was fine after that.”

“Um, yeah. You probably don’t want to do that again. Let’s just skip the seatbelt altogether from now on.”

“So, will you download a movie to my Kindle for me?”

“Now!?! For the trip? It’s like 7 years away!”

“No … when we get closer … so, maybe tomorrow?”


“So, is it a direct flight?”

“Um, yeah. Because apparently no one wants to fly to Detroit, there are actually 17 stops and 10 hours of layovers. We’re on the ground more than we’re in the air.”

“Oh great! I hate sitting in the airport. It makes me nauseous … like that time we were flying to San Francisco. Did you know I almost threw up on you while we were looking in that gift shop in Las Vegas?”

“Um, no! You gotta’ tell a guy things like that!!!”

“So, here’s what I’m going to pack in my green backpack. … You know what, I’m just going to get on that right now. If you’ll excuse me …”

Truth is, I love it. I do the same thing. In fact, I think I’m going to go download a movie for the trip and start packing, too.

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